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Battery Replacement and Testing

car battery

We keep you charged up

The battery in a car is responsible for supplying electrical energy to a vehicle. However, its main purpose is to start the engine. Since this is its job, you can have big plans yourself, but if the battery isn't working or is drained for any reason, you can wave your plans goodbye. We do check-ups, repairs and replacement with a quick turn around.

eye for visual inspection
visual inspection

After you drop your car(s) off, we will fully inspect your vehicle's electrical system.

papers with a check list for diagnosis

After the visual inspection, we will identify the nature of any problems that might have come up during the inspection. Our experts will examine the symptoms and come up with a diagnosis.

a light bulb
repair or replace solution

Now that we have come up with a diagnosis we will design a maintenance plan and consult you on the costs involved. It is important to have a maintenance plan in mind, because it is better to prevent than repair an issue. Finally, after your approval, we will give your vehicle(s) the best care and the needed repairs. Our experts are all certified car technicians and repairing cars is their passion.

common battery issues

It is important to understand the battery and what some of its most common problems are, since some are avoidable. See them below.

  • Problems starting car
  • Battery is not holding charge
  • Cold crank is hard work

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common battery q & a

You are always welcome to call us with any of your questions, but we took the time to put some of own most common questions and answered them! If you have more questions, please call us at 561.746.8381 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you!

It may be the battery! We will check out the complete charging and electrical system and get it fixed for you.