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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Light came on, what do you do?

Many people don't know what the tire pressure monitoring system is. This system is incredibly valuable as it warns you that at least one tire is under-flated, forming unsafe driving conditions. We take the following steps to check this for you.

eye for visual inspection
visual inspection

After you drop your car(s) off, we will fully inspect your vehicle's tire pressure monitoring system.

papers with a check list for diagnosis

After the visual inspection, we will identify the nature of any problems that might have come up during the inspection. Our experts will examine the symptoms and come up with a diagnosis.

a lightbulb for repair or replace solution
repair or replace solution

Now that we have come up with a diagnosis we will consult you on the costs involved. Finally, after your approval, we will give your vehicle(s) the best care and the needed repairs. Our experts are all certified car technicians and repairing cars is their passion.

common TPMS problems

Sometimes the tire pressure monitoring system breaks, giving you unwarranted warnings. There are a couple reasons why this system might be failing.

  • Failing tire pressure sensor
  • Corrosion
  • Failing battery

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