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A tire's first requirement is that it must be able to carry the weight of your vehicle. No matter how great of a tire selected, if it's overworked just carrying the weight, it will not be able to help your vehicle respond quickly in an emergency. In the selection process, we have to be certain that your tire size is designed to carry your vehicles weight. Do not undersize.

Another consideration is the overall tire diameter. This is an important part of the speed equation. Many of the functions of today's vehicles are highly computerized, so maintaining accurate speed data going into the computer assures accurate information coming out. Always follow the manufactures written size guideline found on the label on the inside of the driver’s side door. Additionally, make sure tires are inflated to the recommended pressure for your vehicle.

According to most states' law, tires are legally "worn out" when they have worn down to 2/32" of the remaining tread depth. Tires sold in North America are required to have molded indicators called "wear bars" across their tread pattern from their outside shoulder to inside shoulder. Wear bars are designed to visually connect the elements of the tire's tread pattern and warn drivers when their tires no longer meet minimum tread depth requirements. It’s important to realize that while a worn tire is dry, traction and handling will improve, but its ability to perform in the rain will diminish. Since water can't compress, you need enough tread depth to allow it to escape through the tire's grooves. If the water can't escape fast enough, your vehicles tires will be forced to hydroplane (actually float) on top of the water, losing all traction.

You should replace your tires when they get down to the 4/32” of tread depth.  Additionally tires should be replaced at a minimum of two at a time.  In order to maintain the best vehicle drivability, you should keep tires with the same pattern and tread depth on the same axle.

different types of tires

There is a wide variety out there when it comes to tires, and therefor it can be hard to decide which type is right for you. To learn more, we have listed the tires we offer and there most common traits. You can always call our shop, and we are more then happy to assist in picking the right tire for the vehicle!

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all terrain

All-terrain tires are the perfect mix between off-road and road tires. They combine the added grip and open-thread style that an off-road tire offers and the traction and handling capabilities of road tires. All-terrain tires are found on trucks and SUVs.

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all season

All-season tires are also referred to as all-weather tires. The name speaks for itself, these tires will give your car sufficient handling capabilities year-round. They are designed with rubber that will stay flexible in both warmer and colder weather.

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Summer tires will give you solid traction on wet roads, as they have the tightest "grip". These are recommended if you live in an area the has frequent rainfall and not much snow.

mountain with snow falling down from the clouds

Even though, Florida does not experience snowfall, we wanted to provide this information as well. Winter tires, also known as snow tires, have "sipes" which help the tread bite through the snow. And the rubber won't harden when the temperature drops.

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Performance tires offer 3 main things: traction, surface grip and maneuverability. These three features will make the tire perform better in handling higher speeds and corner well. These tires are most commonly found on sports cars and sport sedans.

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